An Inspection Can Determine if Foundation Leveling in Houston, TX is Needed

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Sep, 2015


A slight slope in the flooring of a building may be a sign that the foundation has shifted. Cracks on outside or inside walls, especially if they have formed a zigzag pattern, may be another indication that settling has taken place in the ground below a structure. When gaps occur where the ceiling and walls meet, or if the windows and doors don’t open easily anymore, it may be time to have an inspection to see if Foundation Leveling in Houston TX, is needed to set things right.

Over time, the surface below a building can move for a number of reasons. Improper drainage, large tree roots, and poor soil grading can all negatively affect a foundation. When water consistently puddles along a building’s structural base, it can cause the soil in that area to wash away or become unstable. Trees that have been planted too close to a building may push the foundation upward as the roots grow in size and make their way underneath. In some cases, the roots may suck all of the water out of the soil under the building, which can also cause undesired movement. Soil that is lower next to a building’s foundation, instead of sloping outward, can be another reason for a foundation to require repairs.

If Foundation Leveling in Houston TX, is needed, it’s time to call in the experts. A professional technician can assess the situation and prepare a plan to correct it. He will begin by taking measurements at six to eight-foot intervals to determine how severe the shifting is. He will also look for the reason as to why the foundation moved. Once this information has been gathered, the technician will offer solutions to rectify the situation. To find out more about this process, Get additional info here.

When a foundation sustains damage, it can cause structural stress that can compromise a building’s ability to remain to stand. What may begin as a minor issue can quickly become a major one if left untreated? If an inspection has revealed a problem that needs to be corrected, attending to it as soon as possible will keep the property from moving any further. It’s also less costly to make repairs when a foundation has only shifted slightly when compared to one that has had large movement.

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