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Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Sep, 2015


Looking for a rewarding career in the nursing or CNA field? Joining the right Medical Staffing Services in Oahu can lead to an exciting career in either. Working through staffing services allows the individual to observe the various fields of nursing and locations. Interviews for regular positions at a facility don’t always tell the true story of working environment in the area interviewed for. Working for a staffing agency gives the nurse or CNA the opportunity to grow, learn and experience the facility without committing to the facility. The right medical staffing service is customer friendly to the nurses and CNAs and listens to their placement requests. A nurse can work locally or could be hired as a traveling nurse.

A CNA or a nurse can be placed in facility or home care work. A home care position could be a live-in position with the patient. The benefits for this type of position are:

*       Medical Coverage

*       Paid Vacation

*       Salary Advances

*       Weekly Paychecks

*       And Direct Deposit

Skilled and talented nurses and CNAs are always in high demand for Medical Staffing Services in Oahu. The warm weather in the fall and winter make it an ideal place to be. In the nursing field, there are nurses needed for would care, emergency room care, critical care, OB and almost all of the nursing areas. If the nursing school is complete, and the nursing test hasn’t been completed, an individual can work as a CNA gaining knowledge in a hospital setting. It also gives them an opportunity to get familiar with caring for patients and how a hospital operates. CNA positions in a hospital have both day and evening work available.

Working with the right agency can kick-start a career in the medical field that can’t be obtained anywhere. Working in various locations performing a variety of tasks can give a nurse or CNA the exposure they want to different areas in the medical field. An agency that has a coordinator 365 days a year and supplies electronic schedules and schedule changes permits a nurse or CNA to stay in touch with the office without ever entering the office. For more information on joining a winning team, check out Kahu Malama Nurses Inc.

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