An RV Dealership in Des Moines, IA is an Excellent Place for a New or Used RV Purchase

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Dec, 2017


Many people choose to travel when they retire. Even those that aren’t retired might take a couple of weeks off from work so that they can take a cross-country trip. A way that this can be done in comfort and style is by traveling in or with an RV.

There are several different RVs for someone to consider, and what they choose will depend on their budget as well as their traveling needs. Regardless of what they choose, one of the best ways to purchase an RV is through an RV dealership in Des Moines IA.

New or Used

One of the first things a buyer will want to consider is whether they want to buy a new or used RV. RVs are built to last and there are machines built in the 80s that are still on the road today. As such, buying used is not a bad choice. When buying from a dealership, there’s the possibility of getting certain warranties against breaking down within a certain period of time. This can give the buyer extra confidence regarding their used RV purchase.

Buying new can be expensive, but it does ensure a top-of-the-line RV. Things like satellite internet and TV might be included, as well as a rear camera for backing up, a flat-screen TV, convection oven and an induction cooktop. Like a car, an RV can be upgraded to include almost any feature a buyer might want.

Driven or Towed

When someone wants an RV, an RV dealership in Des Moines IA will include both stand-alone (driven) or towed options. Towed RVs tend to be more affordable than driven ones, but a buyer will have to consider whether they want to only access their RV while they are at a campground or if they want access while they’re driving.

For a towed RV there are two options, a fifth wheel and a travel trailer. A fifth wheel RV is attached to the bed of the towing truck, which many people find more stabilizing while driving. Also, passengers are allowed to ride in a fifth wheel, but they are unable to do so in a travel trailer. Travel trailers tend to be a little less expensive to purchase.

If you’re ready to travel, then you might want an RV. Visit Imperial RV Center to see both used and new driven and towed RVs for your next long-distance trip.

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