Call a Criminal Lawyer in Mankato, MN After an Arrest for Possession of Drugs

Posted By : Aubrey mead , on Dec, 2017


Giving a friend or coworker a ride home seems innocent enough and a nice gesture. However, there have been cases where a person has been stopped by the police and ended up being arrested because the friend or coworker had drugs in the vehicle. It’s important for anyone who goes through this to ensure they contact a criminal lawyer in Mankato, MN immediately for assistance.

Can the Driver Be Arrested for Drugs Held by a Passenger?

The motorist is supposed to know what is in their vehicle. If they give a person a ride and the person tries to hide drugs in the vehicle when they’re stopped by the police, the driver could be charged with possession even if they don’t know the drugs are in the vehicle.

It’s presumed the driver knows or has reason to know the drugs could be in their vehicle because it is their vehicle. If the passenger admits to owning the drugs, the driver could escape an arrest, but if no one claims the drugs and it’s not apparent who they belong to, both people will likely be arrested.

What Charges Could the Driver Face?

The basic charge is going to be possession of drugs or drug paraphernalia. If there is a significant amount of drugs or certain drugs in the vehicle, this could be a felony charge. Additionally, if there are any signs the drugs are being sold and are not just for personal use, anyone arrested could face charges of possession with the intent to sell.

Is There a Defense Against the Charges?

The driver can say that they were not aware of the drugs in the vehicle, but they might need a way to prove this. It’s very difficult for a defense like this to work without evidence. The driver will want to make sure they speak with a lawyer as quickly as possible to figure out which are their options and if there’s any possibility of having a defense against the charges.

If giving a friend or coworker a ride ended with you being arrested for possession of drugs, you need help from a criminal lawyer in Mankato, MN immediately. Take the time now to visit to learn more about a lawyer that can help you fight these charges.

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