Are You a Good Candidate for Voluma?

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Nov, 2017


Botox is the most commonly referenced treatment for combating facial aging, but it is far from the only option. Just as with any medical procedure, every person is different and requires personalized care. Different procedures are best for different people and combat different specific issues. Botox is only really effective at dealing with facial wrinkles. If you have issues beyond simple lines, and do not wish to delve into potentially dangerous plastic surgery, then Voluma might be the best option for you.

What is Voluma?

Voluma is an injectable, like Botox, but unlike Botox, Voluma penetrates deeper than just the skin. The needle involved is quite small, and it contains lidocaine, a numbing agent similar to Novocain. Voluma injections add substance to your facial structure, filling out your cheeks and giving you a more youthful appearance. Voluma is first injected under the skin, and then is shaped and molded, to make sure that it gives your face the most natural appearance possible. Voluma is FDA approved and, though it is not a permanent solution, it is a longer lasting option than most, lasting around two years before touch-ups are required.

What Makes You a Good Candidate?

Anyone who has sagging skin or flattening in his or her cheeks and wants to create a more youthful appearance should at least consider Voluma as an option. While not recommended for those in their twenties and younger, mostly because it shouldn’t be necessary at that point, Voluma is a good option for those who are younger and want to improve their appearance. However, some people in their 60s and upwards should also consider Voluma as an option instead of plastic surgery. Finally, those who choose Voluma should be those who are realistic in their expectations, as the changes in appearance will never be as drastic as those from plastic surgery will.

Who Is Voluma Not Recommended For?

Older candidates are less likely to be viable Voluma candidates, as the extent of the Voluma might not be enough to satisfy the patient. Anyone who wants significant body modification will not find it in Voluma. Finally, anyone with serious health issues should not consider invasive cosmetic treatment in the first place. However, most people do have some health issues of some kind or another, so consult with your doctor to see if your particular brand of unhealthy disqualifies you from treatments like Voluma.

Most people who want to simply appear more youthful should be good candidates for Voluma. For such treatments, you always want to have a licensed professional, so if you’re local, look for a MedSpa qualified to administer Voluma in Fayetteville . Plastic surgery often being excessive for many patients, definitely consider Voluma before choosing a more permanent and drastic option.

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