Are You Downsizing and Need a Storage Facility in Plymouth, MA?

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Dec, 2017


Whether you are moving or want to clear an area in your home, downsizing is an important activity. To make the task easier, you need to know how to sort your items and furnishings so they can be donated, kept, or transported. Therefore, you need to inventory the items first.

Do You Need Storage?

In the case of a move, inventorying the items will help you obtain a quote for relocation. It will also help you determine what size unit you may need in a storage facility in Plymouth, MA. What you do not donate or move, you may want to house in a storage unit.

Dividing Your Belongings

In order to make an assessment, you need to divide your belongings in the following categories:

• Furniture

• Clothing–new and apparel you want to donate

• Bric-a-brac

• Books, DVD’s, and VHS tapes

• Junk items

Sorting Your Clothing

You can sort the furniture by the items you want to move and the items you want to place into a storage facility. Next, you will need to separate your clothing by what you want to keep and what you want to donate. Prepare the donated clothing for such places as the Salvation Army. You might also try to sell unwanted clothing or apparel on consignment.

Choose a Climate-controlled Unit

You can either choose to keep bric-a-brac or donate it. The same goes for books, DVD’s, and VHS tapes. If you want to save certain books, DVD’s, or tapes, but you do not want to move them, store them in a climate-controlled storage facility. It is important to choose a unit that is climate-controlled to preserve your items.

A climate-controlled storage unit will prevent items from fading or becoming moldy. If you need help from an organizer, you can also find businesses that will help you with this service. Downsizing, again, takes some time, as you need to prepare. To get more information about moving and storage, go online and look for local movers who provide climate-controlled storage.

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