Tips For Secure Cloud Storage

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Oct, 2020


One of the most effective and efficient ways for any business to manage the security of their cloud storage is to choose a reputable and recognized data center and service provider. Selecting a company that focuses on secure cloud storage by offering different services allows peace of mind in knowing your data, systems, and infrastructure is fully protected.

Small to enterprise businesses need to focus on secure cloud storage solutions that are unique for their business. The best providers offer customized solutions that are designed to meet the protocols and security practices required by the given industry standards.

Discuss Security Protocols with Employees

Even the most robust secure cloud storage solutions are undermined by careless security measures used by employees and customers. Common issues include writing down passwords, sharing passwords, or reusing passwords are mistakes that are linked to many security breaches.

Phishing emails and other malware are also sources of security problems for companies. Ongoing training of employees around online security is a critical factor for the prevention of attacks and unauthorized access.

Device Control

BYOD or Bring Your Own Device is common in many businesses. However, employees may be using devices with old operating systems or operating systems that are not upgraded to address vulnerabilities.

Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing can help to address any gaps or areas of security vulnerability in a system. As a routine security measure for cloud-based applications and systems, it is a proactive response to the ever-changing world of online security.

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