Are Your Needs Big Enough For A Ford Flex In Oak Lawn Illinois?

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Aug, 2016


By any criteria, this full-size crossover utility vehicle is something of a monster but it should be seen as a monster that performs a useful purpose. For cars, the term “full-size” is applied to a vehicle that is capable of carrying at least six occupants, each with a full set of luggage, in comfort over a long distance. Furthermore, it should do this while maintaining reasonable fuel consumption. Such cars usually have a length of 195 inches or more. A crossover utility vehicle (CUV) takes the base platform of a full-size car and builds various aspects of a sports utility vehicle (SUV) on to it. CUV’s may have either 2 or 4 wheel drive but they are not intended for major off road use. They are intended for long distance driving.

The Ford Flex For Oak Lawn

It is effectively a 2009 updated replacement for the Taurus X and Freestyle models. Like anywhere else, it will be built on the D4 platform which is also used for the Explorer and Lincoln MKT. D4 designates the Oakville plant where they are assembled.

Although the body is all metal, horizontal grooves in the side and rear doors simulate the appearance of older station wagons reminiscent of the popular “woodie” concept. The Flex comes in 3 basic trim levels with the “Titanium” being the top of the line. A 3.5 liter V6 engine and automatic transmission are standard. Three rows of seats provide comfortable travel for up to seven adults within its 202 inch length x 76 inch width x 68 inch height.

Is It Big Enough For You?

If you have a large family that often travel together, whether for daily activities or road trip like vacations, then a full-size, seven seater vehicle would make perfect sense. Although it is not a commercial vehicle, it could be ideal for transporting customers in comfort.

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