Items to Look at with a Garbage Disposal in Bergen County, NJ

Posted By : Aubrey mead , on Aug, 2016


Food waste can either wind up in the trash can, or it can get chewed up into a liquid and sent down the drains. Since leaving food waste in the trash is an open invitation for bugs and creates nasty smells, a garbage disposal is one of the best ways to go. These are a few items to look at when choosing a garbage disposal.

One of the items to think about with a Garbage Disposal in Bergen County NJ is what type of food waste is winding up in the sink. Some foods tend to take more power to grind down. This includes items like carrot tops, celery pieces and tough, stringy pieces of meat. A lot of power is needed to grind these items properly. Take a look at the horsepower generated if there are a lot of tough foods winding up in the sink for disposal.

Another item to consider is the fittings available on the sink. The disposal hooks directly into the drain of the sink. While most standard sinks have specific dimensions for the disposal, customized ones may have different measurements. The sink drain can be measured and compared to the dimensions of the disposal fitting. To make sure the measurements are comparable also check the units to make sure they are the same on both.

The Garbage Disposal in Bergen County NJ also utilizes an electrical line to power the motor. Running an electrical line to the disposal does require the expertise of an electrician. This is because the electricity is so close to water piping. While the disposal can be run off of the same breaker as some of the other appliances in the kitchen, the electrician also has to make sure the breaker isn’t going to overload with this addition.

A garbage disposal does cut down the amount of waste collecting in the trash. If the food just sits there, it will develop unpleasant smells which can attract bugs. The process of cutting down the food waste is fairly simple and takes a little time. Check out for more information on garbage disposals and their specifications.

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