Avoid An Elevator Crisis: What Building Managers Should Do And What Should Be Left To Elevator Technologies Inc

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Mar, 2018


The running joke on a popular television show about the life of friends and co-workers who share an apartment is that the elevator is always out of order. The friends happily make the most of their trip up the stairs with pithy conversation. In reality, to the man balancing a child on each hip, the woman hefting four bags of groceries or the delivery person with four boxes bound for the 6th floor, a broken elevator is no laughing matter. Most building managers want to avoid at all costs the crisis and complaining that ensues when an elevator is nonoperational. A few simple solutions should help any elevator to maintain reliable working order.

Schedule Daily Checks

A building manager should schedule maintenance personnel to perform regular elevator checks. When staff regularly check for cleanliness, bulb and button malfunction, operation speed, and proper door function, a building manager will be aware of minor repairs before they become major problems. Managers should routinely ride elevators themselves just to be familiar with normal noises and operations, so they will know when something functions out of the ordinary. Keeping track of any malfunction and frequency of use will help a manager communicate clearly with a repair service when repair becomes necessary.

Contract Routine Maintenance With A Trusted Company

To avoid major repairs, it’s wise to establish a contract with a reputable elevator maintenance company that has established experience like Elevator Technologies Inc. A reputable company will readily agree to a maintenance contract that spans five years or more. Another advantage of contracting maintenance is that the company will own and maintain repair equipment taking that expense and burden of safety off of the building manager.

Enforce Manufacturer Recommendations

Small preventative steps that building managers can take between contracted maintenance are to follow the manufacturer recommendations to keep the door tracks free of dirt and debris, avoid use of industrial cleaners that can cause pre-mature corrosion of some elevator parts and to keep an eye on the elevator load. The regular occurrence of too much weight on an elevator will accelerate wear on elevator components and can cause safety risks.

People take the elevator in their residential or business building for granted until it stops working. Building managers in the DC area can rest assured that Elevator Technologies Inc will provide reliable expertise to keep elevators running smoothly and efficiently. Call today or visit the website to learn more.

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