Want to be a Master of Fashion Styles? Consider a Degree in Textile

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Mar, 2018


Fashion is one of the most popular industries and can be one of the most competitive. It stands to reason that you get the education you need by choosing a graduate program in Textile. You’ll find two options from many colleges, including Fiber and Material Studies and a Master of Design in Fashion. These two options are slightly different, so it makes sense that you learn more about both before making a decision.

Fiber/Material Studies

With the Fiber and Material Studies degree, you can learn more about the materials and fibers, as well as processes that are used for making artwork, such as textile construction, installation, craft, action, and sculpture. The Master degree will emphasize how textiles and fiber arts are products and supported. You’ll learn history and theory, such as how the economy changes things, globalization, production, repetition, technological developments, and much more.

You may also get to study real-world scenarios from local museums, depending on the curriculum.

Master of Design in Fashion

The MDes in Fashion helps you learn to merge fashion design and fine art into something that is immersive and exciting throughout the world. You may learn how to incorporate nature and various textiles into fashion and how that can be coined as artwork in the modern world. You will learn from a variety of things, including design studio sessions, seminars, research on your own, history/theory courses, and many elective opportunities. These electives can include new media, sculpture, writing, film and performance art, all of which can utilize fabrics and fashion, such as writing about fashion trends or which materials work well in modern homes.

Getting a Master degree can change your world in positive ways. Consider the School of the Art Institute of Chicago at http://www.saic.edu to start your degree in Textile.

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