Avoid Fines and Jail Time With Help From A DWI Defense Lawyer

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Mar, 2017


Everyone makes mistakes sometimes, but there’s no reason people should pay for those mistakes for the rest of their life. When someone decides to have a few drinks they need to make the responsible choice of limiting their alcohol consumption if they plan to drive. The more a person drinks, the higher their blood alcohol level is. Since the amount of blood in a person’s body is determined by their size, everyone has a different limit. Typically, a person can have two drinks before they reach their limit. A single drink is considered one beer, one glass of wine, or one ounce of liquor. When this limit is reached, it’s time to call a cab for a ride home or arrange for a designated driver.

If someone is below the legal limit, they can feel free to drive home carefully. In some cases, a driver may still find it difficult to completely control their vehicle. A police office may see a driver having trouble staying between the lines and decide to pull them over for a field sobriety test. The trouble with these tests is that they don’t check the blood alcohol level of the driver. Rather, they test coordination and assume that the cause of poor results is alcohol consumption. The driver could end up going to jail and being charged with a DWI because of inaccurate results. With the help of a DWI Defense Lawyer, drivers can fight these charges and avoid points on their license, more jail time, or fines.

Unfortunately, it’s common that an office doesn’t know how to calibrate a breathalyzer. This means that even with the right equipment a driver could be falsely charged. Any driver that has been charged should contact a DWI Defense Lawyer right away. There’s no need to deal with fines or license suspension when the charges can be dismissed. A DWI record could cause all sorts of problems later on in life. Drivers that want to avoid these kinds of problems should visit chrisrichardattorney.com right away and schedule a consultation. With luck, the defendant could walk away with nothing more than a few bad memories and a valuable lesson about drinking.

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