Flame Resistant Jackets Save Lives

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Mar, 2017


Flame resistant jackets are a must for anyone working in an environment where there is a possibility of their clothing igniting. Flame resistant outerwear has proven time after time that it can and does save lives.

Many serious injuries and deaths could have been avoided if the individual was wearing clothing that did not catch fire and continue to burn. Investigations into these types of workplace tragedies show that in many cases the injury was not a direct result of the hazard, the injury was caused by burning clothing. Flame resistant jackets will not ignite and continue to burn, this is not the case with regular work clothes.

Some of the benefits of flame resistant clothing:

* Resistant to ignition
* Self extinguishing
* Does not melt when exposed to flame or molten material
* Excellent insulation qualities, and most importantly
* Reduces serious injury and deaths from burns

Even though companies are very strict on observing OSHA rules and regulations there is always the chance of accidents happening, wearing flame resistant jackets is a great way to protect those who work in environments where flash fires or arc flash can be expected.

While wearing flame resistant clothing significantly reduces the risk of serious injuries, it does not however eliminate the possibility. Flame resistant jackets do not eliminate the risk of burns but wearing them certainly mitigates the burn area. In the event of a flash fire or arc flash, non-flame resistant clothing can ignite and actually stick to the person’s skin; wearing flame resistant clothing gives the individual that little extra time that is needed to get the jacket off.

For those exposed to electric arc flash or flash fires, flame resistant jackets are a must. Arc flash is a hazard to those involved in the utility industry; flash fires are a hazard to anyone involved in metal refining, petrochemical industries, etc.

Flame resistant jackets provide protection when you need it most and they are comfortable to wear. For a complete range of flame resistant clothing at very affordable prices you are invited to visit the web site of MPE, Miller’s Precision Enterprises at domain URL.

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