Avoid These Dangers With Professional Electric Service in Noblesville

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Nov, 2017


Tackling some home improvement tasks can be a great way to cut costs, but certain jobs are better left to the experts. When homeowners call a professional for electric service in Noblesville, they can stay safe and secure while ensuring that the project is done correctly. In this guide, customers can learn which dangers an electrician can help them avoid.

Electrical Fires

Overloaded circuits are a catastrophe waiting to happen. While a DIY wiring job may seem fine at the end, an overloaded circuit will eventually overheat, causing sparks that can potentially ignite drywall, beams, and insulation. However, electricians can minimize the fire risk by providing efficient, economical, and safe electrical repairs.


During some home renovation tasks, it’s easy to fix mistakes, but there are no such opportunities when working with electricity. Touching live wires or forgetting to turn the current off can have lethal results, but electricians know how to do the job with little to no risk.

Building Permits and Code Violations

Almost all municipalities require building permits for electrical work, and it’s not just to keep track of an office or home’s taxable value. Permits ensure that all electrical work meets local safety and building codes, and in most cases, the permit must be pulled by a licensed contractor or electrician. Our electricians can pull the necessary permits for any electrical repair job.

Costly Fixes

Even if a do-it-yourselfer manages to avoid fires and other safety issues, improper connections can cause the wiring to fail. Then, the homeowner has to pay for electric service in Noblesville in addition to what they’ve already spent on tools, materials, and equipment. It’s more economical to hire a pro in the beginning than it is to attempt DIY electrical work.

Call Today for Professional, Safe, and Efficient Electrical Service

At Burtner Electric, the goal is to make every customer’s home safe and efficient. That’s why the company only employs the best local electricians. All employees understand the risks inherent in electrical work, and they know how to do the job safely. For more information or to schedule an estimate, call the office or visit BurtnerElectric.com.

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