The Value In Working With Specialized Companies For Custom Cable Assemblies

Posted By : Timothy Harvard , on Oct, 2019


The increasing use of automation, robotics, and complex systems for everything from medical devices through to production tasks are driving a demand for a wide range of specialized services. One of these services is the need for custom cable assemblies and wire harnesses to safely and effectively manage the wiring within these systems.

Trying to individually connect wires in manufacturing or fabrication is time-consuming, and it also increases the risk of errors in the wiring, resulting in increased waste or poor quality control throughout the product. By outsourcing the design and manufacturing of custom cable assemblies, the in-house manufacturing team just needs to install one assembly, eliminating the problems of dealing with multiple wires, connectors, and electronic components.

Eliminates the Need to Modify the Design

Working with a company that designs and produces custom cable assemblies helps to prevent the need to re-work the design to accommodate the various wires and cables. These companies have the solutions to complex wiring and cable runs, creating the correct types of harnesses and ends to manage the cables in a compact, practical, and easy to install unit.

Safety Considerations

With experience in electronics manufacturing, companies that also provide design and manufacturing of cable assemblies and wire harnesses can ensure all aspects of the design meet the necessary standards and industry requirements.

They can also provide documentation validation, and work with the OEM to meet all requirements and specifications for the various devices, systems, and components.

Flexible Production

Outsourcing the custom design and manufacturing of cable assemblies also provides the greatest flexibility for production. This is essential for a new product on the market, where increases in market demand need to be met quickly to retain the market share. Having the capacity to ramp up production of the assemblies or to move quickly through the design to production phase is a key factor for any OEM to consider.

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