Basement Cracks May Be a Warning that You Need a Foundation Repair in Houston, TX

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Sep, 2017


Do you notice cracks in your basement? If so, they may be alerting you to a problem with your home’s foundation. If these issues emerge, it is normally due to poor drainage, the shifting of soil, or building errors. Don’t put off seeking advice for this type of discovery. When the foundation of a building is cracked, it can impact the total stability of a structure.

Why You Should Fix of Cracks – Large and Small

If you discover large cracks, they may be a warning of an even more serious issue. Not only that, a crack, regardless of its size, makes it easy for termites to colonize within your home. Even if the crack you find is only one or two inches in size, you should contact a specialist in foundation repair in Houston, TX.

As noted, the shifting of the soil can cause problems with a foundation. Frequently, shifting results when the ground receives too much water. Additional water around a foundation can be caused from flooding, short downspouts, blocked gutters, or mistakes in grading. When a foundation repair is made, the reasons for cracks are determined before sealing techniques are employed.

Act Immediately

If you see a small crack in your foundation, act immediately and contact a Houston foundation repair company. When it comes to this type of repair, time is of the essence if you want to preserve and stabilize the infrastructure of your home. Therefore, if you see any kind of foundation damage, remember that it will not resolve itself. Instead, you need to contact engineers that can fix the damage.

The two primary enemies of a foundation are moisture and time. That is why you need to make a small foundation repair immediately. A small sign of cracks can lead to cracked walls, doors that do not fit, and uneven floorboards. In addition to getting your foundation fixed, you may also have to repair the trim, shave doors, replace drywall, and reinforce the joists.

Any type of cracking or gaps needs to be surveyed and checked. Again, this type of problem will not go away. That is why you need to contact a company that specializes in foundation work without delay.

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