Chimney Repair Services in Annapolis, MD Include Masonry Tuckpointing

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Sep, 2017


When the mortar joints begin to erode because of excess rain, tuckpointing is recommended as a repair. This type of repair is timely as mortar has a lifespan of about 25 years. On the other hand, the brickwork on a chimney lasts about four times as long. In some cases, chimney experts recommend that a property owner add a cricket – a type of roof that keeps a chimney from getting pounded by water.

Why Tuckpointing Is Necessary

When the mortar joints degrade, chimney repair services in Annapolis, MD offer tuckpointing as a remedy. If you do not institute tuckpointing, the joints will crumble to the point where the chimney breaks down altogether. When you face this type of deterioration, you need to rebuild the chimney.

How Tuckpointing Is Facilitated

When a residential chimney repair in Annapolis, MD is done to restore mortar joints, the damaged mortar is replaced with new mortar. Therefore, tuckpointing involves the following steps:

1. Grounding the existent mortar

2. Filling in mortar in the just-routed grooves

3. Creating thin stripes down the mortar’s center in order to produce grooves

4. Filling in the created grooves with color to match the former mortar

As a result, tuckpointing is one of the chimney repair services that is critical to a chimney’s structure, and is therefore implemented to preserve a chimney’s longevity. Some of the advantages associated with the repair include the stoppage of corrosion of the mortar joints, enhanced structural stability, and the prevention of water seepage.

Needless to say, tuckpointing is one of those chimney repair services that is not only economical but a good preventative measure in stabilizing your chimney. If you are concerned about the condition of your chimney or you have not had it inspected for a year, you need to contact a chimney cleaning and inspection company. Make the call today to make sure that your chimney is safe and in good shape.

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