Benefits of Contacting a Business Offering Heating Services in Lakeland, FL for Seasonal Maintenance

by | Oct 5, 2015 | Heating and Air Conditioning


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During the late summer or early fall can be a good time for homeowners to have their heating systems maintained by a company that handles Heating Services in Lakeland FL. Heating systems need to be checked, cleaned, and tested seasonally. This will help to keep them running effectively and efficiently. By having this done before the weather starts to cool down, homeowners will often be able to schedule an appointment more easily.

One of the most important tasks a technician will need to handle is cleaning the unit. Heating systems tend to get very dirty. A buildup of dirt in and around the unit can cause the unit to need more power to operate. This can put a strain on various components in the unit and cause them to wear out sooner than normal. The extra power the unit uses will generally cause energy usage to increase, and this can result in higher utility bills. Cleaning the unit will help to prevent these issues. Most technicians will vacuum the unit inside and out. Vents and grilles will be cleaned. The air filter will also be cleaned or replaced.

After the unit is cleaned, the technician handling Heating Services in Lakeland FL, can then inspect the various components of the system for signs of problems. The motor is one element that should be checked. The wiring and connections need to be tested to ensure they are operating safely. The motor should also be inspected for any signs of damage, scorching, or other indications of problems. Most units do not require oil as the bearings are sealed, but older units will need to be oiled as well.

The fan and fan belt will be inspected. If either of these units have any type of damage, the technician will generally replace the piece. This can help in ensuring the unit runs properly during the winter.
The burner will also need to be checked. If the flames are flickering or yellow, the burner is generally dirty. A technician will need to disassemble the burner and all its parts. Each part will need to be cleaned to make sure no soot is blocking the airways. Then it can be reassembled. This process can take a bit of time.

Keeping a home’s heating system well maintained is important in making sure the unit functions properly when the weather gets cold. For more information, please contact Springer Brothers Air Conditioning.

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