Three Common Reasons For Calling A Plumber In Putnam County

by | Oct 5, 2015 | Home Improvement


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The plumbing in a household is very important because it brings water into the home, and it takes the used water and sewage back outside. When problems develop in the plumbing, a homeowner will want to contact an experienced Plumber in Putnam County as quickly as possible. Read the information below to learn about some of the most requested jobs of a plumber.

Cleaning A Clog Out Of The Drain

A drain that has a large clog might require the services of a plumber to get the clog loose. An experienced plumber may run a drain snake down the sink drain and pipes to break up the clog. Another option is to use hydro jet pressure, which forces water down into the drain and clears the obstruction.

Repairing The Hot Water Heater

When a hot water heater fails to keep the water hot, it’s usually because the heating element or the thermostat has stopped working. The heating element is the component that’s responsible for heating up the water in the tank. The thermostat keeps track of the water temperature, and when the temperature of the water reaches a certain point, the heating element starts working. If the thermostat or the heating element breaks, the water will not heat up as it should.

Fixing A Leaking Water Pipe

Pipes can wear out after many years of use, and when this happens, they can spring a link. It’s also common for the pipes to come loose at the joints where they’re sealed together and cause the water to run out of the pipes. When a homeowner discovers a pipe leak, the homeowner should first turn off the water where it comes into the house from the main water line. This will keep the house from getting soaked until the plumber can arrive to fix the leak. After arriving and examining the leak, a qualified Plumber in Putnam County will either fix the area where it’s leaking or replace the faulty section of pipe.

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