Benefits of Remote Car Starters

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Oct, 2015


While most cars don’t automatically come with Remote Car Starters, these can provide a number of benefits, so they are worth splurging and spending extra on for many people.

No More Getting Into Hot or Cold Cars
As long as the heater or air conditioning is left on when the car is turned off when the car is remotely started these will bring the car to the proper temperature within a few minutes. This means no more having to freeze or roast when a person first gets into the car. This is especially important when it comes to kids, as they are hard to get buckled in if the seat is uncomfortably hot or cold. Also, kids in car seats shouldn’t wear coats while in these seats, as it can interfere with the proper functioning of the seats in case of an accident. Leave on the defrost function and the snow and ice on the car will start melting as well, making it easier to safely drive off right away without having to brush the snow and ice off the whole car.

Potential for Theft Protection
A lot of the newer Remote Car Starters can be used with an app that will notify the owner’s phone if the car doors are opened or the security system is interfered with, helping to make it less likely someone will be able to steal items inside the car or the car itself without the owner knowing right away.

Easy to Lock/Unlock Doors
A remote starter makes it easy to lock or unlock the car doors from a longer distance than possible with just a key less entry system, so those who always worry about whether they really locked the door or not can feel secure with the push of a button. It’s also easier to open the door with the push of a button than by turning a key if your hands are full. Those who live in an area that gets really cold in the winter understand the frustration of trying to open a car door and discovering the lock is frozen. With a remote starter, it’s still possible to get the car door open even with the locks frozen because of the key less entry function that’s built in. No more using a hair dryer to try to thaw out the lock so you can get in. Check out the options available at website.

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