Best Wedding Invitation Designs

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Oct, 2018


Wedding planning is the ultimate activity to bring in all the creativity inside of you. Most people go all out for their weddings because it’s the start of a new chapter for them. This is the event that brings two people together and one of the happiest moments of both of their lives.

One of the most important things that needs attention is the wedding invitations. These invitations should be crafted with care to give people a taste of how beautiful and magical the wedding ceremony will be. Here are some types of wedding invitations that are popular.


Watercolor invitations are for artistic couples. They can also be used by people who simply love art without being artistic themselves. The invitations are decorated with multiple watercolors while the words remain simple. The simplistic form of the word style will bring attention to the colors while making the words stand out. You can choose either bold colors or pastels colors. It can be abstract watercolor splashes, or you can opt to have specific designs like the venue, or the bride and groom’s portrait.

Laser Cut

Laser cut wedding invitations haven’t been around that long, but they’re certainly beautiful. It’s been the new trend in recent years. It doesn’t matter the design; laser cutting will make it stand out even more. You can choose to laser cut only the words, the design, or both.


Hand-tied invitations speak volumes. The ties add something more intimate for the guests. It can be any type of ties such as ribbons, velvet, or twine. You can tie it in big or small knots. It all depends on you, but it will be certain to leave a mark on your guests.


If you love nature, bring it to your wedding. There are many types of botanical drawings. It can be more than simple flowers printed on the cards. You can have actually flower petals pressed on the invitations. You can make it something special and choose a plant that has a meaning for you and your partner. Some couples even print the words on seeded papers. Nature is the limit. Start browsing and ordering your invitations today.

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