What Can an Offset Printer in Queens, NY Do for You?

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Aug, 2018


When many people think of a printer, they often think of the typical consumer-grade printer that you can find beside many home computers. Some people might think of 3D printers but those types of printers are not normally used by businesses. Business printers are often used for producing large amounts of necessary documents, whether to inform your employees about an event or to advertise your services to potential customers. However, the type of commercial printer you decide to take your materials to can make a noticeable difference in quality. You should take the time to learn about the differences between a digital printer and an offset printer and which type of printer would suit your needs best.

What Is an Offset Printer?

Rather than using toners or ink as digital printers do, an offset printer in Queens, NY will use plates to transfer an image onto a rubber blanket and then roll the image onto the paper. The term “offset” gets its name from the fact that the image does not go directly onto the paper. Some people might wonder how an offset printer can be better for particular projects than a typical digital printer. That being said, an offset printer is typically more suitable for printing large quantities and a lower price per piece at a professional printing company.

What Are the Benefits of an Offset Printer?

Aside from being able to produce hundreds of thousands of pieces if required, an offset printer can also offer a number of benefits over a digital printer. One of the most important advantages that an offset printer has is its ability to produce results at a lower price per piece. This makes it significantly easier to produce mass projects at a more reasonable price. Offset printers can also have special inks that can brighten any project up. There is also a larger variety of designs that you can take to an offset printer. If you want to know more about what an offset printer can do for you, contact Printing Express to learn more.

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