Boosting Brain Function in Seniors Who Live in Memory Care Facilities

by | Oct 13, 2022 | Senior Living


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If your elderly loved one exhibits cognitive decline, he or she may be unable to live alone. While you may want to move the aging adult into your home, you may be unable to do so because of work obligations or the expense of hiring a private caregiver. If you can’t take care of your senior loved one with cognitive problems, consider moving him or her to a memory care facility in NJ. The following interventions provided by the memory care staff may help enhance your loved one’s brain function so that he or she has better recall and cognitive awareness.

Exercise Programs

While living in a memory care facility in NJ, your loved one may enjoy participating in exercise programs. Not only does increased activity help improve mobility and decrease pain, but it also helps promote cerebral circulation and may boost memory and cognitive functioning. Exercise also helps improve the symptoms of depression, which is not uncommon in seniors with dementia. Once depression is gone, cognitive function and memory recall may improve.

Social Interaction

People who stay engaged socially may have better memories. People who work at memory care centers make sure that the residents don’t stay in their rooms all the time. Social interaction is an important component of senior living, and without it, older adults may decline cognitively and develop sleep problems. Deep sleep is essential for optimal memory function, and if the staff notices that your loved one isn’t sleeping well, the physician will be called.

To speak to the admissions director or to tour the facility, call or visit the Regency Memory Care Club website.

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