Buy A Junk Car For Salvage Purposes

by | Nov 23, 2015 | Automotive


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There are numerous reasons to buy a junk car in Chicago. There is always someone who is rebuilding or repairing a car and they find it quite economical to buy a junk car identical to the one they are working on that otherwise would be picked clean of useable parts at the junk yard. The buyer can easily strip the parts from the junk car that he needs, what is left can then be sent on to the junk yard.

As well as people who buy a junk car for their own purposes there are also auto recyclers. These types of companies remove all reusable parts for resale, what is left after the car has been picked clean are then disposed of by recycling. This type of work happens in salvage yards where total destruction of what’s left can be done using machines that crush it or tear it into small pieces and then separate the material for recycling. In the United States there are hundreds of thousands of cars that are junked every year, close to 80 percent of what goes into making the car can be recycled; the positive environmental impact is significant.

The 20 percent that is left is all that ends up in a landfill but even now, environmental science is looking for alternatives to disposal in a landfill. Companies that buy a junk car in Chicago subject it to a three stage process. The first stage is pre-treatment, here the fluids such as anti-freeze, engine oil and fuel is drained off and stored safely and properly. At the same time the fuel tank is removed as is the battery and the tires. The fluids that are collected and the battery are sent for recycling, these items require special attention so they are sent to recyclers that know how to deal with it and have the necessary equipment. The gas tank must be steam cleaned before it is scrapped, tires, depending on their condition can be resold, sent to a retread shop or ground up and used in road construction.

What is left is then assessed to determine what else can be stripped off for direct sale to customers or sale to companies that rebuild used parts for resale. There are numerous occasions when someone will buy a rebuilt engine, transmission, alternator, starter motor, etc. Rebuilders originally source their parts from salvage yards. The components that are most often purchased from a junk car in Chicago are doors, bumpers, wheels and even complete front ends which are called the “dog house.”

The final stage is to take the carcass and commit to the crusher, the grinder and separation. When it’s all said and done the car has completely vanished.

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