Give Your Lawn a Little Winter Reinforcement with Landscaping Companies in Norwalk, CT

by | Nov 23, 2015 | Landscaping


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Summer’s beauty has all but faded away into the gloom of late fall. Those lush, green lawns and flower beds once bursting with color are now hidden under a dense, damp blanket of leaves. Though they’re temporarily somewhat out of sight, they certainly shouldn’t be out of mind. Autumn doesn’t mark the end of landscape season; it marks the beginning of winterization efforts.

Preparing lawns and flower beds for cold weather is crucial to maintaining their health for spring’s return. Aeration is among the key tasks performed by Landscaping Companies in Norwalk CT as summer comes to an end. This process leaves thousands of small holes in the soil, allowing it to be infiltrated by greater amounts of water, air and nutrients. Doing so helps strengthen the roots of grass and various plants and causes them to extend deeper into the ground, providing greener, sturdier growth come spring.

Contrary to popular belief, fertilization should take place at this time as well. Though shrubs, flowers and grass aren’t going to be growing during the colder months, fertilizer provides those previously mentioned nutrients to keep them healthy. If applied after aeration, its results could run far deeper and be more pronounced for the following season.

While annuals can be tilled into the soil to add richness, perennials need a bit of extra care. They should be trimmed down to ground level and covered to protect their roots or bulbs from the cold. Some choose to use all those leaves raked up from the lawn for this purpose, but plenty of other alternatives are available. Landscaping Companies in Norwalk CT can make recommendations for this leg of the process based on the vegetation in each individual lawn as well as a number of other factors. Trees and shrubs should also be pruned to prepare them for healthy new growth. You can visit here for your free landscaping estimate.

Though late autumn and winter tend to be dreary seasons for plants and trees, taking the right measures during this time of year can help them come back better and more vibrant when warm weather returns. It’s also a nice time to think about the new annuals to be planted in the coming spring. Contact Giglio Landscape Services LLC to schedule autumn preparations or learn more about maximizing the potential of your lawn.


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