Call on Roof Companies in Tucson for Repair or Replacement

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jan, 2017


The home’s roof should keep the family dry throughout the year. However, many home owners are unaware of the signs of a potentially damaging roof condition. Below are several indicators that emergency roof repair or full replacement may be necessary.

Wind Tears Shingles Away

While a 50 mph wind may seem gusty, it isn’t as much of a concern if everyone is indoors. For aging roofs, however, a stiff wind can lead to emergency repairs. Once the shingles’ undersides are exposed, leaks are sure to follow. If the roof is old, the home owner should look at shingles after a windstorm. If any are missing, Roof Companies in Tucson may be able to replace just the damaged section.

Impact to the Roof

During windstorms, overhanging branches can pose a significant threat. While trees can add beauty and value to a home, they can cause damage as they age. If a branch or entire tree falls on the home, it can perforate the roof or remove it entirely.

Rainy Weather

The occasional rainstorm won’t harm a solid roof, but prolonged rain can severely damage one that’s already been compromised. If the roof starts leaking after a downpour, it may be time to call a roofer for evaluation and repair.

Gutter Replacement

A gutter problem may not seem like it would cause a roofing issue, but it can. A gutter clogged with debris can lead to a backup that loosens shingles, damages roofing and causes leaks. A roofer can repair or replace damaged gutters to prevent this from happening.

Is Replacement Always Needed?

Even if the roof has a substantial leak, it may not be necessary to replace it in its entirety. Sometimes, preventive maintenance and small repairs can prevent other problems. For instance, Roof Companies Tucson can replace roofing near gutters and take steps to prevent additional damage. When a home owner needs a roofing solution, they may not think of the gutters. However, the drainage system works to keep the roof free of leaks. When looking for roof and gutter repair or replacement, call on a company like Ralph Hays Roofing or visit

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