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by | Jan 2, 2017 | Air Conditioning


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Power bills are one of the few bills a homeowner can somewhat control. The homeowner can invest in light bulbs that use less energy, make sure electronics are turned off when they’re not being used, and more, but their air conditioner is going to have the largest impact on how much they can save. Below are a few tips a homeowner can use to lower how much they spend during the summer on air conditioning.

* Maintenance Checks Every Year – Maintaining the AC in Sparks every year with help from a professional will make sure the unit is working at peak efficiency. Any parts that are wearing down can be replaced to ensure the entire unit works properly. Ducts can also be checked at this time to ensure there isn’t any cool air being wasted.

* Clean the Air Conditioner – At the start of the summer and periodically through it, a homeowner will want to clean their air conditioner. A professional can do this, but the homeowner might be able to do it as well. A clean air conditioner runs more efficiently than one that’s dirty and cleaning regularly can help prevent issues.

* Change the Temperature Inside the Home – Even as little as a two-degree change can help save the homeowner money. Use as little air conditioning as possible to remain comfortable and, instead, use more fans as they operate using less energy and help push the cool air throughout the home.

* Use Curtains or Blinds – Using curtains and blinds to block the sunlight during the hottest parts of the day can help keep the air inside the home cool, which means the air conditioner won’t run as often and, therefore, won’t cost as much to run.

* Purchase a New Air Conditioner – If the homeowner’s air conditioner is over 10 years old, it’s likely time to start looking for a new one. Purchasing a new one can help lower the bill as the efficiency of air conditioners has improved greatly in the past decade.

If you’d like to lower your power bills quite a bit, focus on your air conditioning. Talk to an expert who handles repairs and maintenance for AC in Sparks today to learn more about what you can do to improve the efficiency of your unit and ensure you’re saving as much as possible. Visit to learn more.

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