Calling Appliance Installation Experts in Las Vegas NV

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on May, 2018


When someone has a refrigerator inside of their home that has been having problems with leaking water, finding the cause of the problem is necessary. There are several different spots to check to find the area where repair is needed. Here are some steps to try before calling on Appliance Installation Experts in Las Vegas NV to help.

Find Out If The Tray Is Intact

Underneath a refrigerator is a tray used to collect water that travels through a condensate hose through the unit. If this tray is not intact, water may leak out onto the floor. Most refrigerators have a panel in the front that moves away from the unit to expose the tray behind it. Slide out the tray and inspect it for cracks or holes. If there is damage noticed, replace the tray with a new one.

Check The Condensate Hose For Ice

A refrigerator has a hose running from the freezer, throughout the unit, and to the tray underneath. If water gets into this hose and freezes, the ice will not allow moisture to make its way to the collection area. Instead, water will drip inside of the unit. Check the end of the hose for an ice chunk. Use a hair dryer to melt it after unplugging the refrigerator if one is noticed. If ice is not found, consider defrosting the unit for several hours, so ice in the line melts as needed.

Make Sure The Door Provides A Tight Seal

If the gasket on a refrigerator door is not intact, moisture may make its way out of the unit if the temperature becomes too warm inside of it. Pull on the door handle to the unit and freezer to check that resistance is felt. If a door swings open easily, remove and replace the gasket with a new one.

When an appliance is beyond repair and buying a new one is necessary, contacting Appliance Installation Experts in Las Vegas NV is best. Contact us today to find out more about the services we provide to our customers. Make an appointment for an installation session if needed.

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