Do You Need an After-Storm Roof Repair in Twin Falls, ID?

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on May, 2018


If a storm rips off part of your roof, you need to schedule a repair immediately. While shingle damage is one of the major reasons for such a repair, sometimes a roof will need to be fixed when it is damaged by a tree.

Do Not Take a Closer Look by Getting up on a Ladder

To plan a roof repair after a storm, you need to be careful when making a cursory inspection. Never get up on a ladder and look at the damage yourself. Otherwise, you could fall and severely injure yourself. You should leave this type of inspection to a roofing professional.

However, you can still visually survey the roof from the ground to at least evaluate your roof repair needs. If necessary, take binoculars to look at the roof. Binoculars are an ideal tool to use as they permit you to take a closer look safely and reliably. If hail stones or winds have damaged your roof, they also have probably affected other parts of the house. For example, you may also find that your gutters and downspouts have also been damaged.

Look at the Perimeters and Valleys

When examining your roof, review the areas where the shingles are missing. Also, look at the strips of metal around your chimney. You also need to take a closer look with your binoculars at the roof’s perimeter and the valleys.

Anyone who finds evidence that a roof repair in Twin Falls, ID needs to be made should contact his or her homeowner’s insurance company immediately. You should begin your claim by noting the storm date and supporting your notes with pictures. Therefore, before you clean up any shingles or trees that are scattered in your yard, you need to collect the evidence for your insurance adjuster.

Learning more about roof repairs and installations is easy to do online. Simply visit our website to obtain further details and information. Whether your damage is storm-related or not, you need to make an upgrade through a dependable roofing contractor.

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