Can’t Afford to Make Payments? Contact a Child Support Attorney in Dundalk, MD

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Apr, 2017


Child support is essential to ensure children do not grow up in poverty simply because their parents are not living together. Despite the obvious benefits of this financial help a single parent receives from their children’s other parent, there are other benefits to child support. For example, parents who make consistent child support payments are more likely to have a strong relationship with their children. Although family courts consider financial support and parenting time as separate issues, noncustodial parents sometimes have trouble getting their court-ordered parenting time when they don’t pay child support.

Often, noncustodial parents want to make the payments but circumstances beyond their control make it difficult to support their children in a separate household and still pay their own living expenses. When this happens, parents should get in touch with a Child Support Attorney in Dundalk MD as soon as possible to file official documents to get the child support order modified. A modification might make it easier to make the payments and encourage the custodial parent to allow the children’s mother or father to see them.

Although child support is based on a formula that is used in every divorce case in the state, judges have some discretion when it comes to support orders. Parents who need more support due to unusual circumstances may petition the court for additional financial help. Those that lose their job and cannot make payments or have to take a lower paying job to make ends meet might be able to get their support temporarily reduced while they get back on their feet.

Past due child support will continue to accrue until a Child Support Attorney in Dundalk MD requests a modification. It’s important for a parent to take this step even if they think their children deserve the full amount. The court may impose penalties if a parent doesn’t make timely payments. An experienced child support attorney like Maria Caruso may be able to convince the court that the payment should be temporarily reduced to ensure the children get a sufficient percentage of their parent’s income yet the paying parent doesn’t experience homelessness simply for meeting their obligation.

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