Seek Modifications in Child Support by Hiring a Child Support Attorney

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Mar, 2017


When a couple with children divorces, both parents are obligated to support their children. The parent who doesn’t have primary custody will usually pay child support to their ex-spouse to ensure that their children are cared for. However, circumstances can change and a loss of income can make it harder to pay support payments, so a modification regarding the support can be sought.

Reasons for Modifications

Although the court can modify a child support agreement at any time it deems necessary, when a parent seeks modification, they need to show some reason why it should be granted. However, the courts are often reluctant to change support arrangements unless there has been a “material change of circumstances.” As a child support attorney can explain, this means the support order can be changed if the ex-spouse has had their income reduced or has lost their job.

Recalculating Support

The child support amount can also be changed if the current formula used to calculate it would yield a different amount, either higher or lower. A child support attorney like Michael D Shook Attorney at Law can help you modify your child support if you have experienced a reduction or loss of income. To obtain more information on family law services, call or visit us .

Usually, to have a child support order modified, the courts allow a deduction of income to be taken if the parent is experiencing extreme financial hardship. This may be a result of catastrophic uninsured losses, extraordinary medical expenses if they are ill or had surgery, or the birth or adoption of additional children in a new relationship.

The amount of child support can also be reduced if the obligated parent is restricted by their ex-spouse from seeing their children, so consult a child support attorney if your support needs to be changed. Connect with them on Facebook for more information!

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