Chemical Free Pool and Options for Today’s Use

Posted By : Phineas Gray , on Oct, 2014


Your pool and your swimming trips are only as good as the systems you employ to clean it with. In general, swimming is a very healthy undertaking. It strengthens the heart as a cardio vascular exercise especially if done regularly. As an activity, it’s also a very wholesome way of spending weekends with family and friends over barbeque and cold drinks. However, if the pool is cleaned with chlorinated chemicals, it becomes instead a regular activity that will lead to very dire consequences.

Today, there is an increasing awareness amongst pool owners when it comes to pool maintenance. That feeling of chemicals stinging one’s eyes and skin have led people to believe that it is part of the deal of enjoying in an apparently clean pool. But now, research shows that chlorinated pools do more lasting harm with consistent exposure such as colon and rectal cancers and heart related diseases.

There are many available and viable options for pool owners, whether home-based or commercial ones, to help in switching from chemicals to natural means in maintaining and cleaning one’s pool. Read up!

ECOsmarte Pool Purification System

One of the leading systems in keeping a chemical-free pool is ECOsmarte. It combines ionization and oxygen in disinfecting the pool. It works by doing two processes, the first of which is the catadyne process. This step leaves an unstable pool that is why it is important to follow it up immediately with anodyne process.

This is perfect for big pools that contain as much as 10,000 to 50,000 gallons of water. It stops not just the number of bacteria, but more so, the proliferation of algae. Usually, pool owners’ problems begin when they leave and travel for long periods of time. What’s truly great with ECOsmarte is that it is programmable and will continue to maintain the pool without fail by simply setting up the small machine.

Price wise, it is worth around five thousand dollars – literally quite a small price to pay for a guaranteed healthy swimming experience for each quick dip. Aside from that, it helps in keeping the environment safe and sound without the pesky chemicals.


Next on the list is biaguanide, which is popularly known as Baquacil. It is not as recommended as it is both expensive and cumbersome. To work, pool maintenance teams must place it on the water on a daily basis.

But for those who need to quickly reverse their pools to a chemical-free one, Baquacil can do so in 24 hours. It is also not heat-sensitive which keeps it effective even during the hottest of summers.


Lastly, not all pools are big ones. Spas and other pool places for gyms can benefit from Ozme generators by simply turning it on and must continuously run for it to be effective with clean running water.

With these options in mind, the decision to go chemical-free is easy to do!

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