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Posted By : Phineas Gray , on Nov, 2014


An industrial scale company is the leading place to purchase all commercial and industrial scale products. Industrial scales range in size from small bench scales that are able to weigh crates of products to large scale concrete or steel scales that weigh large rig trucks or forklifts full of products. Also, most industrial scale companies offer more services than just the building of scales. Typically, they also offer calibration services and repairs as well.

Generally, an industrial scale company offers a large variety of scales in many different sizes and styles. The largest of the scales tends to be either the steel or concrete truck scales, which are deck size and able to weigh big rig trucks and semi tractor-trailers.

Other scales offered are the smaller bench scale models, such as those used in factory settings, or even shipping scales, crane scales, counting scales, which allow for you to add multiple weights at the same time.

Once the equipment has been purchased, generally the industrial scale company will offer calibration services, so the equipment will stay in great working order for the customer. A non-calibrated scale can be detrimental to a customer, and if not fixed in a timely manner, could cost the industrial scale company future business.

One of the highest calibration equipment standards that an industrial scale company can meet is the National Institute of Standards and Technology Handbook of 44 standards. By meeting this standard, this ensures that the company is of high quality.

Most industrial scale companies also offer rentals on their products, which come backed with the same guarantees and certificates that their regular scales come with. Rentals are a good option if a customer will only need the scale for a short period of time, or if they would like to try out the quality of the product before deciding on a final purchase.

An industrial scale company has a lot to offer in terms of scale options, such as which type of scale to purchase or rent, depending upon the need, as well as services for after the scale has been installed in the customer’s location. The company will be able to calibrate and repair the scale in a timely manner, and the calibration will generally be backed by a certification and some type of industry standard guarantee.

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