Choose the Right Party Hire for Your Next Party

Posted By : Phineas Gray , on Jul, 2015


There’s no better way to get to know new people and catch up with old friends than by hosting a party. The great thing about organising a get-together is that you can choose the theme, the location, the music, the food and everything else that will make it an affair to remember. By the time you have sent out invitations and chosen a location, you may be strapped for time. This is why it is a good idea to work with a professional party hire company in your area. Professionals in this industry will rent out the following pieces of equipment, so you need not splash out on items you might not need in the future.

Party Lighting

Want to set the ambiance and get guests in the right mood for your bash? If so, find an event hire company that can provide you with a good rental deal for equipment, such as lighting. Laser lighting and strobe lighting will work well for festivals and parties, whereas LED lighting will be suitable for business conferences and family get-togethers. Eco-friendly, LED lighting will use less energy and will normally last longer than other types of party lighting.

Catering Equipment

Keeping your guests happy will be easy if you present them with a feast. It is especially important to serve food at your event if it will commence over a few days, such as a festival. Party hire companies will normally rent out catering equipment, from slush machines to cookers and buffet tables. You can make use of these as you please and if you don’t have the time to prepare food and drink, it is a good idea to ask the event hire company if they can provide catering services for a fee, too.

PA Music System

Many musicians will require a PA music system, because an audio system of this kind will guarantee good sound quality. It can be rather expensive to buy a PA music system, which is why you should go down the route of hiring one if you are on a budget. Some recommended brands to look out for include Behringer, JBL and Line 6. Most party rental companies will send someone to the event destination to operate the devices, so that nothing gets broken. If this service is not offered, ask questions about insurance coverage as a way of protecting your finances.

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