Don’t Let Bugs Drive Your Crazy When Pest Control Companies In Scottsdale AZ Can Eliminate Them

by | Jul 21, 2015 | Pest Control


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Bugs can drive people crazy with buzzing, crawling and destroying wood in a person’s home. Termites are the largest concern when Pest Control Companies Scottsdale AZ need to be contacted. Termites are one of the most destructive insects. They are silent as they destroy a home’s wood and make the structure less sound. Termites can only be detected after large infestations occur. This is usually when there are signs of sawdust or mud tubes in a home.

Termites eat wood from the inside out. If there are mud tubes along the crawl space or basement of a home, this could definitely be signs of termites. Another sign that Pet Control Companies Scottsdale AZ need to be contact is termite wings laying in a home. Windows and doorframes that sag could also be a sign of termites. If the wood in the home is hit on and it appears to be hollow, there’s a chance that termites exist in the home. Termites can do thousands of dollars’ worth of damage. Having a termite inspect and termite control performed in a home is the best bet to keep termites away.

Ants are another concern in many homes. Carpenter ants and a variety of other ants can invade a home. Carpenter ants can eat the wood in a home similar to a termite. If not properly inspected and treated, ants can create the same amount of damage as termites. Ants can also eat into various food containers and destroy food that use to be edible. Fire ants are also another concern. Fire ants are red, and copper color and their bite will literally make any child, pet or adult feel as though they are on fire. Fire ants are usually found in a yard. Carpenter ants are usually found inside of structures as they destroy the wood.

Alliance Pest Management can help to control termites, ants, bees, bed bugs and the variety of other insects that can make a home unbearable. There is no need to purchase products that will only temporarily eliminate ants or bees when a professional company can eliminate them permanently. Don’t let bugs make you buggy ever again.

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