Choosing a custom walk-in cooler: the most important factors

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Sep, 2017


Just like any other regular freezer or refrigerator, the walk in freezer can easily be configured depending on the intended purpose. Before doing this, though, it is important to have determine the optimum specifications that are required to have the walk-in freezer deliver to the client’s satisfaction.

Storage and Use

These are often the first requirements to be considered. Think about the type of products that will be stored and their temperature requirements. Another important storage and use requirement is space; think about whether this will change or remain the same. Consider whether it might be necessary to move the refrigeration unit in the future.

Box Size

When building a custom walk-in, many often find themselves compromising on the box size, under sizing units in a bid to save money. This is typically where the decision of separate versus mixed cooler and freezer is made. If there are different height requirements for the cooler and freezer, then perhaps there is no need for the combination. When building a walk-in, proper qualification is important.


Freezer panels can either be assembled from different materials or be poured into place. In some cases, companies have even used insulated concrete. Panel choice is determined by such factors as cost, availability and freight accessibility.

Doors and Floors

Walk in freezers, especially when used in commercial settings, will often have staff frequently opening and closing doors. In such situations, automatic closing devices might be necessary. These devices ensure there is no accidental closing of doors. If they are used for display, they should ideally have glass doors. Think also about the items that will be stored inside; will the staff be using carts or rolling racks within the unit? If so, then specify doors that are between 30 and 36 inches. If there will be heavy loading or heavy shelving, then a reinforced or structural floor will suffice.


Ultimately, efficiency remains one of the most important elements. This is why the quality of insulating materials or the choice of insulating materials, condensing units, evaporators or glycol packs are a trend when choosing walk in Coolers in Charleston, SC. Efficiency should also involve thinking about durability.

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