How To Find the Best Vet in Bowie

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Sep, 2017


Most pet owners would agree that pets are as much a part of any family as humans are. Therefore, when their pet isn’t feeling well, they need to find the best vet in Bowie to get the pet back on the road to good health. There are so many options available for pet care, and this guide will try to help out pet owners in need of a vet.

Find a Clean and Caring Facility

Pet owners want to put their pets into capable yet compassionate hands. They should ask to see the treatment rooms to ensure they are quiet, well lit, and have a sterile and odorless environment. This may possibly help to reduce the anxiety not only of the pet but of their owner as well. Pet owners should also look at the examination tables. If they are automatic and can move up and down, this can prevent unnecessary strain on bigger pets that need to be lifted.

Inquire About The Vet’s Technology

Some X-ray machines used for pets have high frequencies and can get the pictures developed quickly, which is helpful if a pet is fidgety. The accompanying software the computer uses should be capable of adjusting the image depending on what kind of animal is being examined and what part of its body has been injured.

Inquire About Lab Work That is Available

When trying to select a vet in Bowie, pet owners should inquire if the facility has a lab on site. Find out if they have a machine capable of counting their pet’s blood cells and how quickly they can make a diagnosis based on the test result. Some vets have a machine that can perform an analysis of kidney, liver, thyroid, and immune functions in minutes from just a drop of blood or two.

Ask About Surgical Options

Some vets have anesthesia equipment that would be good enough to treat pet owners, let alone animals. This greatly reduces the risks of any surgery that is performed and allows the pet’s vital signs to be monitored to further minimize danger. A reputable animal care center such as Gambrills Veterinary also utilizes technology to sterilize their surgical units, and this helps to eliminate pathogens on all equipment, bedding, and surgical gowns.

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