Choosing a Home Care Provider? 10 Questions to Ask

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Aug, 2016


Choosing the best home aide for your elderly loved ones matters. Here are  ten questions to help you with your search:

  • What kind of qualifications do the staff members have? This hugely depends on the kind of services or assistance your loved one requires. For instance, care recipients with Alzheimer’s disease need aides with specific medical knowledge.
  • What kind of training is the staff provided with?
  • How much do the services cost? Cost isn’t everything. But it’s a big factor in your decision. Just make sure to compare features, services, staff and treatment quality along with the cost. Don’t go for the cheapest option you can find.
  • What are the coverage options? The American Association of Retired Persons suggests looking for the best coverage you can get.
  • What kind of emergency procedures do they have?
  • How much experience does the company or aide has? The longer the experience, the better. Choosing an experienced in-home care giver means you have someone you can rely on in case something goes wrong.
  • Do you need to hire someone with medical training? Even if your loved one doesn’t suffer from a medical condition such as dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, choosing a home aide with medical training is a good precautionary measure. In case anything happens, you know your loved one is in good hands. It can also make a difference in their treatment and recovery.
  • What about plans for care? Does the provider involve you and your family? The best care providers discuss plans for care with you.
    How does the provider ensure patient confidentiality?
  • Does the provider assign supervisors? Supervisors are there to oversee the quality of care your loved one receives. So you’re much more confident your loved one has everything s/he needs.

Hopefully, these questions help you find the best home aide for your loved one. So put them to good use.

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