Guidance and Advice from a Bankruptcy Lawyer in Lithonia, GA

Posted By : Aubrey mead , on Aug, 2016


When a person or couple finds themselves in a financial situation where they’re swimming in debt they can no longer afford to pay, it may be time to consider drastic action. For many people, that drastic action is to file for bankruptcy. However, in the state of Georgia, as well as most states in the country, the process of filing for bankruptcy can be extremely complicated. In addition, the bankruptcy process itself is rather involved, and it typically helps to have someone who is knowledgeable of these processes leading the way. That’s why many people considering filing for bankruptcy in Georgia speak to a bankruptcy lawyer in Lithonia, GA.

The advantages of using a bankruptcy attorney include the ways in which they can help. An initial consultation with a bankruptcy lawyer in Lithonia, GA will be important because it will give the attorney the opportunity to get a better handle on a person’s situation. While not a great deal of detail will be needed for the consultation meeting, it can help the attorney to determine whether a person needs to file for bankruptcy or if there’s another option available to them.

If bankruptcy is necessary then, moving forward, the attorney will inform the individual or couple of what type of bankruptcy they are going to be filing for and what sort of documentation the attorney will need to make the initial filings. In addition to this, the attorney will handle any contact with creditors who may be calling the debtor for payment. All calls will, at that point, be forwarded to the attorney. This is when the attorney will inform the creditors they are no longer permitted to contact the clients under Georgia law.

The bankruptcy process can be long, complicated, stressful and difficult time for the people who have to go through it. However, regardless of how difficult it can be, it’s a situation that, in many cases, is the only way to rectify their indebtedness. With the help of a bankruptcy attorney that can be found at website, an individual or couple can have legal advice from someone who understands the bankruptcy process and can guide them from start to finish to ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible.

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