Choosing a New Garage Door in Minnesota: Wood, Steel or Plastic?

Posted By : Alex , on Oct, 2014


If you own a home in Minnesota, the right garage door can add great curb appeal to your home and keep your house safe from the outside elements. Still, there’s a lot to think about when you’re choosing a new garage door in Minnesota. One of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make is whether to choose a wood, steel or plastic garage door. Here’s an overview of each type and the advantages and disadvantages of each.


For a long time, wood was the material of choice when it came to a well-constructed garage door. In today’s busy world, however, it’s fallen out of favor because of its maintenance needs. Still, a garage door made out of quality wood can add a dose of charm and good looks to the front of your home. If you’re set on a wooden garage door, pass over the factory-made models and have one custom built instead. Custom-built wood garage doors have warranties of 10 years or more, while factory model warranties typically only last a year.


* Handsome and charming

* Wood is a good insulator

* Long-lasting


* Moderate to heavy upkeep

* Susceptible to wood rot and insect infestation


Steel is probably the most popular choice for garage doors right now, but it’s important to know how to select a quality steel door. Look for a Garage door in Minnesota made of strong 24-gauge steel that’s protected by a baked-on primer and a polyester topcoat to protect against rusting. As for design options, you can either opt for a smooth finish or an embossed texture that mimics the look of real wood.


* Strong and durable

* Long warranties

* Helps with sound-proofing


* Prone to rusting

* Limited design options


Plastic garage doors are relatively new, but they’re gaining popularity quickly. This is because they offer something that wood and steel doors don’t: resistance to rot and rust. You can choose plastic panels in a variety of styles and colors for your garage door, making them easy to customize to your home’s color and design.


* Resists fading

* Won’t rust or rot

* Low maintenance


* Plastic doors can look “cheap”

* Not as secure as steel and wood

* High-tech plastic doors can be expensive

When you’re choosing a new garage door, make sure to pick a material that suits you style, needs and budget.

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