Filing A Claim Against Through A Construction Accident Attorney In Long Island, NY

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United States labor laws are enforced in New York to protect workers in the event that an accident occurs on a construction site. These laws apply to all facets of the job to include a new construction, repairs, renovations and the total demolition of a property. In these instances, the worker could acquire damages despite who is deemed at fault in the accident. If you need help with the enforcement of these laws, you should contact a Construction Accident Attorney In Long Island NY today.

Understanding the Labor Laws That Protect You

Under Section 200 of the U.S. Labor Laws that apply to construction sites, all contractors are required to take precautions to ensure the safety of all workers who navigate throughout the work area. They are responsible for any occurrences that were within their control. Under these law, the worker is entitled to compensation, if they are seriously injured.

Section 240 of U.S. Labor Laws

Next, Section 240 of these statutes protect the worker’s rights in the event that they fall while working at high altitudes or if they are injured by a falling object within the workplace. The scaffold law all parties who were responsible directly for the safety of the workers are accountable if an accident occurs. This includes the owner, the contractor, and the manager who is required to supervise the injured party or parties directly.

Section 241 of U.S. Labor Laws

U.S. Statute Section 241 requires the contractor to enforce all safety regulations within the work site. This includes ensuring that any equipment used has been evaluated and inspected for safety. They are responsible for inspecting the area for any failures or risks that are present in this environment that could lead to an injury. If these parties fail to comply with this national statute, the worker is entitled to a significant settlement based on the circumstances and severity of their injuries.

The state of New York construction workers who are injured have the right to file a claim against all parties that are responsible for their injuries. This will initiate an investigation into the exact circumstances of the accident to determine where the safety failure existed. If you need to file an accident claim, you should contact a Construction Accident Attorney In Long Island NY to represent you.

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