Choosing Between an Oil Furnace or a Liquid Propane Furnace in Madison

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Oct, 2016


Occasionally when someone buys a house, this person realizes the furnace will need to be replaced within a few years because of its age and condition. If the home is located in the Northeast and does not have access to natural gas, it may use heating oil for fuel. This is a relatively common situation in this part of the country, where natural gas historically wasn’t as readily available as in other regions. In addition, homeowners living in rural areas generally can’t access natural gas and use either heating oil or liquid propane gas for the furnace. What if the new rural homeowner has an oil furnace in Madison that will need replacing in two or three years? Does it make sense to switch to a propane model, or would staying with oil make more sense?

Prices for both heating oil and liquid propane tend to fluctuate during the winter. Heating oil is generally considered more efficient, which should keep heating costs lower than with propane. In addition, it’s generally considered essential to have an oil furnace checked over and cleaned every year. The oil filter will need to be changed at least every other year, and sometimes the nozzle will need replacing.

Another consideration involves needing a change of fuel tanks if switching to propane, which is an additional expense. If the oil tanks are located inside, the homeowner may prefer this over having a big propane tank located in the yard. On the other hand, a propane tank for a furnace in Madison can be painted a light color, so it blends in better with the landscaping and doesn’t look unsightly.

Contracting with a service like East River Energy is advantageous because this company delivers both heating oil and liquid propane. The property owner can establish a professional relationship with the delivery service and can continue being a customer if choosing to change the type of heating fuel. In fact, this company also can replace the existing furnace when the time comes and provide annual maintenance and inspection of the system. Please visit the website to learn more about their services for heating and cooling.

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