Regain Mobility With An Orthotics Ankle In Mansfield, OH

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Oct, 2016


Thousands of people who have been injured in accidents, suffered war injuries, been born with physical problems, or lost limbs or mobility due to disease can now regain movement and mobility in many body parts with custom orthotics and prosthetics. The latest technology and custom-made components are used by highly-trained technicians to create and fit patients with orthoses that will help them attain the highest level of function and comfort possible. There are a wide variety of orthotics and prosthetics available.

Orthoses may be needed by people who have acute traumatic injuries, pre- or post-surgical conditions, chronic impairments caused by conditions such as MS, CP, MD, Diabetes, CVA, or others, as well as birth defects. A patient’s quality of life can be greatly improved by helping them regain limb function and mobility. For the best results, these orthotics and prosthetics must be of top-quality and function, in addition to fitting the patient perfectly. Every effort must be made to assure that they are comfortable and easy to attach and use.

Some Orthotics And Prosthetics That Are Available

*      Orthotics Ankle in Mansfield OH

*      , foot, knee, ankle, and hip bracing

*      Partial or whole foot, hand, leg, or arm

*      Shoulder, elbow, ankle, knee, or hip disarticulation

*      Shoe inserts, diabetic shoes, or walking boots

*      Scoliosis orthoses, cranial helmets, cervical collars, or spinal bracing

Patients of all ages can go to specialized medical facilities such as Capital Prosthetics & Orthotic Center, Inc. to have a free first consultation. Patients will be examined and then shown the types of orthoses that can work for their needs. Primary physicians or surgeons can refer patients to this type of practitioner to have custom prosthetics or orthotics such as an Orthotics Ankle in Mansfield OH or other important prosthetics.

The certified and licensed practitioners will have the most up to date knowledge and products to help each patient they see. These are highly personalized products that will only perform well if they are perfectly fit to each customer. They must be very comfortable where they meet the person’s body. Artificial body parts like feet and legs must be very strong and stable because they support the whole body’s weight as the person walks or runs. For additional information on orthotics and prosthetics, Click Here.

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