Cleaning A Submersible Pump And Another Type of Well Pump Repair In Martinsburg WV

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Feb, 2017


A submersible water pump that has sediment on its surface may prevent water from flowing evenly through plumbing. If water isn’t emitted in a normal manner when faucets are turned on inside of a residence, the following steps can be completed to clean a pump.


1. screwdriver

2. distilled water

3. bucket

4. mild detergent

5. sponge

6. soft-bristled scrub brush

7. rubbing alcohol

8. filter

Disconnecting The Pump And Cleaning It

After turning off the water supply, a screwdriver can be used to loosen and remove hardware that is secured to a well’s cover. A submersible water pump will be attached to one of the interior walls inside of a well. Hardware that is attached to a pump needs to be removed before a pump is taken out of a well. Tubing should be pulled from a pump’s exterior and a pump should be placed in a bucket of soapy water. A sponge or soft-bristled scrub brush can be used to clean a pump’s exterior. A pump’s filter is often secured to the bottom of a pump. After one is removed, a tube brush can be used to clean internal parts of a pump. A small amount of rubbing alcohol can be used to remove residue that doesn’t respond to soapy water.

Replacing The Filter And Reattaching The Pump

Soapy residue can be rinsed from a pump’s surface with distilled water. A new filter needs to be secured to the bottom of a pump before a unit is placed inside of a well. After rubber tubing and hardware is attached to a pump, a well’s cover can be secured. The water supply and faucets inside of a residence needs to be turned on. If water comes out of each faucet in a normal manner, a Well Pump Repair in Martinsburg WV was completed the proper way.

For any other type of well pump repair in Martinsburg WV, a homeowner can depend upon Winchester Plumbing & Gas Services Inc. or a similar business for assistance. A business that installs and services pumps also provides a drain cleaning service and can handle a variety of repairs associated with water heaters and plumbing.

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