Why It’s Important to Seek Legal Advice in Upper Marlboro, MD

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Feb, 2017


When a person is arrested, seeking legal advice in Upper Marlboro MD should be one of his or her first steps. Whether it’s aggressively handling a court case or negotiating with the prosecutor, clients should hire an attorney for the following reasons.

Additional Time to Pay

Calling an attorney right after an arrest gives the client more time to find a way to pay. Most clients can’t come up with all the money at once, and many offices are willing to make payment arrangements. If a client waits until the last minute to hire a lawyer, they have no time to pay attorney’s fees. Some cases can take years to make it onto the docket, and clients who hire early will have plenty of time to pay their fees.

Preserving Evidence

Calling an attorney right away can help clients prepare evidence and get ready for trial. After an arrest, the defendant’s memory is fresh, and they can offer information that can make a significant difference in their defense. A client who waits to find Legal Advice in Upper Marlboro MD may forget important information, which can ultimately hinder their case.

A Better Outcome

In some instances, attorneys can negotiate good outcomes without the case ever going to court. Some prosecutors may be willing to dismiss or reduce charges during a case’s initial stages to save effort and time. In many places, prosecutors have less negotiating power after presenting the case to the grand jury or initiating formal charges. However, if the client calls a lawyer soon after arrest, they may be able to avoid court entirely.

Help With the Legal Process

Attorneys can provide clients with help throughout the legal process. In most cases, several court appearances are required to achieve a resolution. Lawyers can explain the importance of each appearance and, in some instances, the lawyer may be able to appear on the client’s behalf.

It can be very reassuring to have an experienced, knowledgeable attorney to protect one’s interests. Arrests can be frightening, and navigating the legal system can be just as scary. An attorney can explain the process and tell the client what to expect. During a stressful situation, having a legal advocate from the Law Office Of Danny R. Seidman can lessen the client’s stress and increase their chances of a favorable outcome.

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