Cold Storage Building Design Considerations

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jan, 2018


When viewed from the outside, a cold storage building looks little different from any other industrial building. Nothing could be farther from the truth. A building expressly designed and constructed for cold storage in California is a highly sophisticated structure that utilizes leading-edge technology to ensure that it operates within the engineering parameters, and it does so at the lowest possible operating cost.

Although there are some common denominators, the design of a cold storage facility is based on variables such as what will be stored and the length of time it will remain in storage. Cold storage facility design engineers focus on elements such as:

Energy efficiency:

  • Minimizing the cost to operate cold storage in California is of paramount importance. In designing the facility, factors such as the temperature of adjoining rooms, the number of lights and their type, and the orientation of the building are but a few considerations.


  • The structure’s design is one element; the refrigeration system is another. There are many considerations; engineers must choose the most efficient compressor, condenser, drive motors and controls. Only through the calculated balancing of the refrigeration package and the operational demands will the most efficient operation be realized.


  • Industrial automation has advanced greatly over the years. Today, effective operational data collection, coupled with efficient mechanical equipment, ensures that the entire system operates at peak efficiency regardless of the conditions.

Structure design:

  • The amount of energy that is required to operate cold storage in California is staggering. The roof, walls, and floor must be insulated using the best materials available and all doors for machine or personnel entry, and exit must be of the highest quality.

There is far more that goes into the design and construction of a sophisticated cold storage facility than meets the eye.

The leader in commercial and industrial cold storage in California is TKS Cold Storage Manufacturing & Construction. From design to commissioning, TKS does it all.

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