Does Your St. Augustine, FL Business Need A SEO Company?

by | Jan 3, 2018 | SEO


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One of the biggest challenges for a startup company in St. Augustine, FL, is finding the funds to do everything that is needed. For a company of any type, size or offering any products or services, having a website is a key factor in bringing in new customers and staying in contact with the growing customer base.

While social media marketing is effective, it is still limited as to how much information it can be provided to the target audience. Additionally, even with social media marketing, it is still essential to consider SEO (search engine optimization), which can also be coordinated and linked with website SEO strategies.

This is a complex and very specific process. SEO isn’t just keyword densities and using the keyword in the header on the page. Too often, small businesses and startups fail to use an expert SEO company and find out the difficulties the hard way.

To determine if your business website would benefit from the services offered by a local SEO company, consider the following issues:

Stagnant Customer Base

If a website is not continually bringing in new customers, it becomes stagnant. The current customer base may be loyal, but without new views, the ability to grow is extremely limited.

When there are few new visitors to a site, there is often an SEO problem. Hiring a company to develop an effective SEO strategy will give your St. Augustine, FL, business something to grow on for years to come.

No Movement on SERPs

Your website rank on SERPs (search engine result pages) is critical to bringing in new customers. Fresh, relevant and timely content is important, but so is the SEO strategy, the website design and even issues such as website navigation and ease of checkout.

A top SEO company can review your current strategies and make changes to enhance performance. As more people visit the website due to search engine results, the website will move up the results page, further driving more business and, with the right SEO, pricing, and products, boosting small business and startup profits.

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