Colorful Options for all Your Crafting Needs

Posted By : Timothy Harvard , on Dec, 2019


One of the best things about arts and crafts is that there are generally no rules to how you create something from your imagination. Whether you’re designing a beautiful stained glass window or refurbishing an old dresser to bring it back to life, we have a variety of unicorn spit gel stain‘s to get the job done. They come in over ten colors and leave a playfully bright finish behind, no matter what you’re using them to create.

Safe for the Entire Family

Don’t be afraid to let your little ones join in on the fun of using unicorn spit gel stain. The product has a formula that is specifically developed to be used with your hands, so let the fingerpainting fun begin. Your kids will love the bright and exciting colors available in unicorn spit gel stain and will enjoy helping you apply it even more.

Customizable Consistency

One of the most exciting aspects of the unicorn spit line is that you can customize it to work seamlessly with any project to which you might be working. Add a bit of water to dilute it for use as a gel, stain, whitewash, antiquing tint, and glaze, to name a few. No matter what masterpiece you’re trying to create, unicorn spit has something that will take your project to the next level.

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