DIY Tips For Trailer Repair In CA

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Dec, 2019


One of the most important parts of a utility trailer is the lights. If the lights are not in perfect working condition, it renders the trailer very dangerous to drive. Not only may the driver cause an accident, but they will be facing a stiff fine if the police see them driving with non-working lights. Here are some tips on how to do this Trailer Repair in CA all by oneself.

Use A Tester

Before driving off, hook the trailer up to the harness and make sure the lights are working. A partner will be needed for this as the driver will need to press on the brakes. If the lights seem to be dim or they are simply not lighting up at all, a tester will be needed. Unplug the harness from the vehicle and plug the tester into the electric receptacle on the back of the vehicle. The tester will instantly let the driver know if there is an issue with the trailer wiring coming from the vehicle. Make sure to test all other lights on the vehicle to ensure a fuse has not been blown.

Easy Actions

If the vehicle is still having problems with the lights, there are some easy steps to take before the professionals at Vintage Transport are called. Clean the electrical connector plugs with a stiff wire brush and electrical contact cleaner. This will dissolve any gunk that may have accumulated on the contacts. Check the ground wire. Many problems occur at this point. Simply unscrew the ground screw and sand the ground wire down with sandpaper. This works to remove any rust that may be present on the wire.

If none of these solutions work for Trailer Repair In CA, it may be time to replace the wiring. This should be done by a professional as any short-circuiting or errors in the wiring may cause a fire within the vehicle. Visit the website to make an appointment and inquire about repair services which may be able to be done to get the trailer back up being road-worthy.

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