Commercial HVAC Units in Gainesville, FL Create Comfortable Working Environments

by | Mar 30, 2017 | Air Conditioning


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It is important to stay on top of your cooling needs if you own a commercial property. Working environments that are comfortable ensure better production from your employees. In order to make sure that your workplace stays productive then, you need to partner with a professional air conditioning and heating service company.

Additional Energy Savings

Living in Florida means having to endure hot and humid days. That is why commercial HVAC units in Gainesville, FL should be considered for use and installed. These types of packaged units provide the commercial cooling and heating that is needed in Florida. They are also better choices for energy savings overall.

How Packaged Systems Work

Maintaining a comfortable temperature in your commercial space throughout the year is essential. It is also important to pick the right HVAC system. As the name suggests, commercial HVAC units feature all the HVAC components in a single metal package or cupboard. The cupboard, in turn, is connected to a building’s duct work for air delivery.

An Easier Maintenance Solution

Today, you can select from one of several commercial HVAC units or packaged systems for a premium cooling and heating upgrade. Besides offering cooling and heating, these units also offer easier access for technicians. Because all the components are placed in one unit, the maintenance can be facilitated more simply.

A Space-Saving Unit

Units of this type also readily cool and heat large areas. That is because the tonnage of the unit can range from 3 tons to over 20 tons in weight. In addition, because they are packaged, the units save space. If the unit is placed on the roof, you do not lose any indoor space.

Ensuring a Comfortable Workspace

To find out more about the benefits of this type of cooling and heating upgrade, you need to talk to a professional technician from a company such as Charles Berg Enterprises. Make sure your commercial space or working environment stays comfortable. Check on your cooling and heating options today.

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